Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Movie Review of Bruno

Bruno - 8/10
Directed by Larry Charles
Cast - Sacha Baron Cohen

Plot Summary
Flamboyant Austrian fashionista Brüno takes his show to America.

I am a big fan of Sacha Baron Cohen's works.I have enjoyed all 3 of his morbid characters.From Ali G,to Borat to Bruno.When Bruno came out in the cinemas,there was quite abit of controversy due to the nature of the movies themes.But anyone with an open mind will definitely enjoy it.Now after Borat,it was definitely harder to trick people especially celebrities as they know who Sacha is now. Even though some of the skits were scripted,it was nonetheless still funny.Bruno may not outdo Borat but I feel it is a movie that can stand on its own.Now the jokes are racist,sexist and some of the scenes will definitely make you go"what the fuck!" and some scenes will just make you groan and roll your eyes but all in all,you are bound to laugh your ass off.Even after the movie,I still couldn't stop laughing.
There's one particular scene about self defence and dildo which I'm pretty sure,you are gonna laugh none stop till your belly hurts.Sacha Baron Cohen has done it again and I will definitely look forward to his next movie.

If you are the type that is easily offended, then don't watch this movie cause it will piss the shit out of you.Other than that,I recommend everyone else to watch Bruno and have a good time about it.Despite that it is R21 and has 1min and 50secs worth of footage being cut,as it was deemed too crude,go watch Bruno.

Best Quotes
Brüno: So you were never gay?
Pastor Jody Trautwein: [shakes head] Mh-mh.
Brüno: It's ironic that you should have amazing blowjob lips.
Pastor Jody Trautwein: These-these lips were made to praise Jesus.

Brüno: I am going to be the biggest Austrian celebrity since Hitler.

Brüno: Can I give you guys a word of advice? Lose the beards, because your King Osama looks like a kind of dirty wizard... or a homeless Santa.

Brüno: It's just this bear took my clothes. He took everything apart from these condoms

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-man- said...

i thought bruno was f'in hilarious. my workmates just kept sayin its a faggot show and said it wasnt funny at all. Geeez. I dont understand these ppl