Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Movie review of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - 6/10

There has been a lot of mixed reviews on Dawn of Justice. Some would love it, some hate it. And I don't blame them because movies directed by Zack Snyder have always been like that. He is very inconsistent with his movies. 300 was his best, that is without a doubt. His version of Dawn of the dead was fun (freaked me out when the zombies started running). I enjoyed Watchmen as well and in my opinion, he did a fantastic job on that. And then there was sucker punch which was absolute shit. Quite a number of people disliked Man of Steel, but I found it watchable. I'm not a fan of Superman but MOS was definitely better than Superman returns(Bryan Singer).
Dawn of Justice has to be Snyder's biggest project and he may or may not have fucked this up or he might just be M. Night Shymalan in disguise... It all depends on you.

First of all, I felt the movie was way too long. 2.5 hours is a tad too long for a superhero movie. And the movie doesn't seem to have a proper ending, it just went on and on.
Horrible editing. It was as though the editors watched a Michael Bay movies marathon before editing. Very abrupt cuts. There are some scenes you have no idea what the fuck is going on, it was so all of a sudden. It doesn't even give you a clue what that scene was about. Was it a flashback or a dream sequence(Superflies? really?) or what?
Script was downright awful. here's an example. Louis Lane says " I'm not a lady. I'm a journalist." Knn... then what the fuck are you?
I wanted to slap her for that.
Casting was annoying. Jeremy Irons as Alfred seemed bored or probably high in all of his scenes. Louis Lane was irritating. She had really annoying lines and does some really stupid shit. Lawrence Fishburne thought he was still in that Predators movie cause half the fuck time he is shouting and whispering like a lunatic. The only time Fishburne was fantastic was when he was Ike Turner. That's it. I've never liked Jesse Eisenberg's acting. Period. Almost all of his movies, he has that really annoying stuttering and mumbling way of saying his lines that bugsthe hell out of  me. But I will give credit to him for that last scene though. That was some really maniacal acting there. Good stuff. When they announced that Ben Affleck is the next Batman, I'm pretty sure he wasn't liked that much. But I thought he was fantastic as Batman/Bruce Wayne. His batman voice was way much better than Christian Bale's. A much lesser more audible death metal growl. Affleck's Batman doesn't seem to mind killing and is more brutal. Of course comics Batman doesn't kill but I really like this new brutal doesn't give a shit Batman. He has some very good fight scenes and one of them has the similarities of the Batman video game, Arkham Asylum. I do want to see more of Ben Affleck as Batman cause I'm curious to see how he is going to carry the role further. Superman(Henry Cavhill) on the other hand is a cheebye. Fella nicely has been killing people and then when asked, he gives a "no lah where got" reply. Hahahahahaha.
Gal Gadot's entrance as Wonder woman was pretty cool and I'm pretty sure she can handle it on her own. I was pleasantly surprised by Wonder woman especially during the climatic battle. Boy, is she strong....

There are a lot of problems with Dawn of Justice. The inconsistencies are very obvious and laughable at times. The good thing is the tone of the movie is dark unlike Avengers where everyone is joking with each other. Snyder might have copied some of the scenes from various movies and like I mentioned before, he is inconsistent but it is watchable...barely just barely. It has its awesome moments and tonnes of nonsensical "wtf"shit moments. Just watch it with low expectations.