Monday, February 25, 2019

Movie review of Lords of Chaos

Lords of Chaos -  6/10

Lords of Chaos is basically the story of Norwegian black metal band called Mayhem. If you are a metalhead, I'm pretty sure you know the story and you have probably read the book. When the book first came out, it was controversial as well and a lot of people including members of Mayhem and others involved were against it and said not everything in the book was true and all. It is after all a tragic yet interesting story and it was a matter of time when someone turns it into a movie. That someone was none other than Jonas Akerlund. A well known music video director who has done countless music videos for big names like Madonna,U2, Lady Gaga and many more. His recent movie before Lords of Chaos was the Netflix movie, Polar. He also happens to be ex drummer for Bathory. So he knows his metal history well and is probably the right person to direct this movie.

Watching it as a film fan, it was not too bad. The acting was alright especially Jack Kilmer who just happens to be the son of a certain Val Kilmer. Kilmer's portrayal of Pelle Olmin aka Dead was pretty good. His last scene was gruesome and the way he acted it out was brilliant. Rory Culkin as Euronymous was not too bad either. There are some shots where he does look like him. 
Casting was good as they got actors who resembled their characters pretty close. Hell hammer was dead on. However I don't remember Varg as a chubby kid. Emory Cohen's portrayal of Varg wasn't that great. his expressions did not convince me and the movie made him look like an idiot. But then again the real Varg is a weird fucker who says dumb shit at times so yea.. Idiot. I laughed out loud when the journalist and the photographer called him a fucking idiot for letting them take photos of him.
I didn't like the way it was edited as some parts of the movie felt like a music video. But I guess that's the style Jonas Akerlund wanted. Most of his movies have very similar edits. Thankfully, the edits didn't hamper the acting.
The kill scenes are brutal and I have to give credit to the sound department for that. Every stab sound, you can feel it and it did make me a little uneasy. 

Lords of Chaos is definitely a thought provoking movie especially if you are not a metal head and you do not know the history behind Norwegian black metal.
My biggest peeve from the movie is the accents. The movie is in Norway, its about Norwegian black metal, Norwegian band, Norwegian teenagers. So shouldn't the actors have a Norwegian accent at the very least? Making them sound American is just lazy to me. I've always had problems with movies that don't get the accents right. From Valkyrie to Enemy at the gate.

All in all , Lords of Chaos is a decent watch but I highly doubt that it will be playing here in Singapore, so stream it if you can.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Review of Green Book

Green Book - 8/10

A feel good movie which is kind of based on a true story. Directed by one of the Farrelly Brothers(Peter Farrelly). Yup the guys who did Dumb and Dumber and Something about Mary. The Green Book is something a little unexpected coming from the movies they usually do and it turned out to be a gem. 

Green Book is a wonderful story about friendship with two guys who are complete opposites and at a time where inter racial friendships are rare. Story is well paced and it made me research about the two guys portrayed by the ever wonderful Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali. Viggo as Tony Lip, an Italian who used to work as a bouncer and becomes a driver. Mahershala as Dr Don Shirley, a famous black pianist who plans to tour in the south. The chemistry between Mortensen and Ali is fantastic and it was always a joy watching them onscreen. Mortensen put on weight for this movie and not even halfway through the movie, I knew why he had to. Tony Lip loves to eat. That scene where you see how he eats pizza. That's how the real Tony ate it. it made me laugh so hard.

Green Book is definitely highly recommended and worth watching at the cinema on a weekend. After watching the movie, I did a quick research to find out who Tony Lip is. Boy was I surprised to find out who he was.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Review of Apostle

Apostle - 6/10

Written and directed by Gareth Evans, the mastermind behind the Raid 1 and 2. Apostle is his venture to horror. I have to admit it was a welcoming surprise.
Quite a number of actors I have never seen before except for the unforgettable Michael Sheen. It is truly a delight watching Michael as always. The main guy was pretty decent. His acting was alright but I guess they chose him for his facial reactions which were really good.
Script was a little weird cos sometimes it varies from normal English to periodic English.
Cinematography was excellent. There are some really beautiful shots and I loved the camera works. I guess it's a norm for a Gareth Evans movie now. There was "the raid" feel to it especially all the violent parts. Editing was OK except for a bit which seems like a mistake and I loved the colour.
Apostle is a slow burner. Slow at the beginning then it fucking grips you all the way to the end.

I would highly recommend to watch Apostle for its cinematography and the fantastic kill scenes of course. Well done, Gareth Evans. I will continue to watch your movies.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Movie review of Venom

Venom - 1.5/10

I was really looking forward to this. The trailer also got me excited. It was good to know that Tom Hardy was portraying Eddie Brock/Venom. Barely five mins into the movie, I knew this was going to be a lanjiao piece of shit movie and the worst part is, it was a LONG lanjiao piece of shit movie.

What the fuck happened lah SONY? What the fuck did you do? You were doing pretty ok with Spiderman even though you changed Spidey about 5000 times and kept Benjamin Buttoning Aunt May. What the fuck happened with Venom? First it was supposed to be for mature audience just like Deadpool then you had to edit the shit out of the movie to make it to PG13 just so Venom can join Spiderman ah? Even so, why cut until like that?

The editing was so bad that it disrupted the flow of the story. One moment, The story was being rushed to get to the part where Brock becomes Venom, then when he is just about to, the pace is slowed down. That scene when Anne is driving Eddie to the hospital. How many times do I need to see fucking Anne from the rear view mirror?
Script was fucking cringe worthy. There are some lines that I can't believe Venom would say shit like that.
The fight sequences are really hard to watch cos the CGI was very messy. Especially the fight with Riot and Venom. Half the time I don't know what the fuck was going on.

Acting was shit as well. Michelle Williams. She had horrible make up and her acting was as bad as Venom Dog. (yup, there was a Venom Dog). Riz Ahmed as Riot.... if there ever was a symbiote with the name, Quiet, it would suit Riz Ahmed better. Tom Hardy. Sigh... you are better than this. I can forgive you for that shit movie you did with Reese Witherspoon cos I thought that was your worse movie. Not anymore. Please don't do the sequel and fuck up your cred. Just give it back to Topher Grace for fuck sake.

Look, it's pretty simple. I totally understand that you want to change some stuff up like his origin story or even removing the iconic logo, that's fine. but if you are going to come up with a screenplay that is going to be like a fucking C grade Tamil movie minus the songs and dance, then Fuck You. I totally blame the writers for this colossal fuck up of a movie. Jeff Pinkner, Scott Rosenberg and Kelly Marcel. I did a quick look up on what were their previous works. Out of the 3 cheebyes, 2 have written really shit movies. Jeff did Dark Towers and Kelly did 50 shades of grey. 50 FUCKING SHADES OF GREY??? Didn't that fucking movie get worst movie of the year or some shit? Fuck lah. There are so many shit scenes that baffled me. Venom Dog was one, Venom girl was another and Riot travelling all the way from Malaysia to America.(Yup, Riot can be Malaysian Symbiote now). Let that sink in for a bit.
I suggest Riot should go to Harry Kok Siew Yok instead, cos he is the Malaysian and he is nearby. Knn. Fuck this movie.

Don't bother watching 50 shades of Venom in the cinema. Just download and watch. Save your money. Even if you do watch the movie, you are going to be really annoyed with the song at the end of the movie as well.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Movie review of Mission Impossible: Fallout

Mission Impossible: Fallout - 7.5/10
Directed by Christopher McQuarrie

I have been a fan of Tom Cruise and Mission Impossible since the first one directed by Brian De Palma. The only one that sucked ass was the second one directed by John Woo and yes it had doves in it as usual. So I was generally excited for the 6th installation of this amazing franchise. As usual, Tom Cruise (who is in his 50s) took it up another notch on the stunts involved and it is crazier than ever.

The plot wasn't good, script was so so and acting was a little shit. Ving Rhymes looked old and botoxed, Simon Pegg was his usual silly self, Rebecca Ferguson looked really weird at her first scene, not too sure if it was the make up or effects. Henry Cavill was horrible except for the very last scene of his and the other bad guy from the previous movie sound and look like a fucking mouse. Fuck him. There is only one true villain for the Mission Impossible movies and that will always be the late great Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

Now the stunts done are absolutely fucking insane.From the halo jump, to the motorcycle ride to the classic Tom Cruise running, they are all done with tons of practice and perfected to a tee. Mad respect to the camera crew for this as well.There are some really amazing shots.

Since the plot and a few other things were pretty much shit, why did I give such a high rating? Well, for the last 30 mins of the movie, it got fucking intense. A real edge of the seat thriller. I completely stopped munching food and got riveted to the action. It really was a fucking crazy intense 30 mins lah. At the end of the movie, you are bound to lean back and heave a sigh of relief. Relief that Tom Cruise is still alive after all that stunts and he is bound to do it again.