Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Movie review of Alien:Covenant

Alien:Covenant - 7.5/10

Few things to take note before watching Alien: Covenant. If you are not a fan of the Alien franchise or science fiction, don't bother watching this. If you are a fan, you need to watch Prometheus first AND most importantly the prologues which are on YouTube. It will help explain. That being said, I enjoyed watching Alien: Covenant despite a few hiccups.
Here are the hiccups.
Editing. Sadly a lot of unexplained stuff and you are bound to go what the fuck happened to that guy? Wasn't he in the trailer? Stuff that appeared in the trailer didn't make it in the movie and that always pisses me off. Then you show those scenes for fuck? Quite a number of pivotal scenes have been cut off hence the kind of abrupt start. My guess why it was edited like that, which is hiccup no. 2.
Timing. Covenant is at 2 hours long when it should be actually 3 hours. The prologues are very important and I didn't realize that they were not in the movie when they should have. I hope there is  a director's cut when the Blu ray comes out and add the prologues and whatever deleted scenes that were cut from the original movie so I can enjoy the movie in its whole.
Script. Very inconsistent. There are some really fucking awesome lines and then there are some Schwarzenegger-esque lines. That music selection line... Fucking awesome. That bed bug line... Fucking cheesy.
Acting is not too shabby. Fassbender pretty much owned every scene he was in. Even though there are some instances I feel he doesn't really act like how he was supposed to especially towards the end but I have a funny feeling that all this will be explained in the next Alien movie as it edges closer to the Alien and Aliens movie.
Effects and the aliens. Still a little unsure on how the first ones come about but design wise it was very meh to me. Facehuggers still creep the shit out of me even though I know whats gonna happen when you look at the fucking cocoon when it opens. The xenomorph was cool as fuck and follows the first Alien design. But there's a scene which involves putting your hands up. I didnt know whether to laugh or facepalm myself.

All in all, its still worth watching on a weekend, if you are a fan of the franchise. I would definitely watch this again and get the Blu ray for the director's cut. But remember to watch the prologues first.

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