Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Finishing The Game - 6.5/10
Directed by Justin Lin
Cast - Roger Fan(Annapolis),Sung Kang(Rogue Assasin), James Franco(Spiderman), Dustin Nguyen(21 jump street) and MC Hammer(2 legit to quit)

Plot Summary
Bruce Lee's shocking death left legions of stunned fans and a legacy of 12 minutes from his unfinished Game Of Death. Undeterred, studio executives launched a search for his replacement chronicled here through the eyes of five aspiring thespians who find out what the real game is.

This movie is definitely not for Bruce Lee fans cause he isn't even in it. It's a mockumentry(think spinal tap) about a bunch of guys who think they can take over Bruce Lee. Fucking brilliant plot! Script is funny as hell. Even by watching the trailer,you can't stop laughing. I love the whole 70's feel of it. From the cameraworks, editing, colour and even to the clothes.
I have never been a fan of Justin Lin's movies simply because they are crap. Fuck Fast and Furious but for Finishing the Game, I say good job...
worth watching on a weekday though since its only about 84mins.
Best Quote
Colgate Kim: You offend me. You offend my family.

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Better luck tomorrow
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Annapolis-- Cheers N Beers,

Movie review of Cleaner

Cleaner - 4.5/10
Directed by Renny Harlin
Cast - Samuel L Jackson,Eva Mendes,Ed Harris,Luis Guzman

Plot Summary
A former cop (Jackson) who now earns a wage as a crime scene cleaner unknowingly participates in a cover-up at his latest job.

Renny Harlin should really go fuck himself. Yet another piece of shit movie from him and yet another piece of shit movie from Samuel L Jackson. I really hope Renny Harlin should quit doing movies and do porn and Samuel Jackson should stop sucking on every shitty director's cock and do every stupid movie there is. It's either that or fire his fucking agent.
This movie had everything, a good plot, an excellent cast(excluding eva mendes) and a pretty decent script. All renny harlin had to do was KEEP IT SIMPLE!!! but no.....he had to add totally unnecessary special effects on practically every bloody
scene. It was so fucking irritating!
and what the fuck was Ed Harris and Luiz Gguzman thinking when they took up this shit filled project? Why on earth did the casting director chose Eva Mendes??? That bitch cant act..even porn stars with cocks stuffed in their mouth act better than her.

Having said that, I really think Eva Mendes should be in some hardcore latino pornflick...yea she looks great...and no she can't act...

Do not watch this movie at all. Fucking waste of time. Fucking Renny Harlin...

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Movie review of Doomsday

Doomsday - 7/10

Directed by Neil Marshall
Cast - Rhonda Mitra,Bob Hoskins
Soundtrack - Tyler Bates(300)

Plot Summary
A futuristic action thriller where a team of people work to prevent a disaster threatening the future of the human race cause of a deadly virus. Just think "Mad Max" meets "Resident Evil" meets "Escape from New York".

When I first watched "Dog Soldiers", I was well pleased with the way they did the story. Practically everything else except the lighting was nicely done. I found out the director's name was Neil Marshall. His next movie is my 2005's best movie..."The Descent" which was absolutely fucking brilliant! So when I found out that his next project was a big budgeted (30mil) movie called "Doomsday", I was excited..until I saw the trailer to which was rather disappointing. I was thinking to myself, this movie is gonna suck ass.
Nevertheless, I still went to watch Doomsday on the bigscreen and surprise, surprise, I was awed. This movie has so many classic movie references that you get excited at every scene. The action sequences are such a rush for adrenalin which makes you not being able to finish your burger which you sneaked in and even better the soundtrack is from Tyler Bates (if you love the music in 300). What a rush!
If you look at the plot, it does seem rather silly,but what Neil Marshall does is he puts you in the driving seat. This is because of excellent stunts and camerawork.
The editing was pretty good too despite a few fucked up censors from your favourite fucking local censorship board...idiots. Acting wise,pretty much average, Rhonda Mitra looks super fit and super hot (when she is tied up), Hoskins was ok too. You can't go for acting in these kinda movies. You just wanna see blood being spilled and the killl scenes are so spectacular and soooo Mad Max!

Definitely worth watching on a weekend! and bring a friend.

Best Quote
Kane: They started this fire. They can burn in it!

Eden Sinclair: If you're hungry, have a piece of your friend.

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Movie Review of Charlie Bartlett

Charlie Bartlett - 5/10
Directed by Jon Poll
Cast - Anton Yelchin, Robert Downey Jr

Plot Summary
A rich kid becomes the self-appointed psychiatrist to the student body of his new high school.

Nothing fantastic about this movie to make u spend TEN FUCKING DOLLARS to watch it on a weekend. Charlie Bartlett does have a good plot and script, but the direction, camera works and editing is pretty much shit.
Some scenes has very obvious mistakes.
The acting is pretty mediocre, Robert Downey Jr is pretty good whereas Anton Yelchin does an average job as the lead but he ain't no Ferris Bueller, cause thats what this movie remind me off... a cross between Juno and Ferris Bueller's day off. My opinion is, the movie was a complete let down because of the director,as he doesn't have much experience (this is his third movie directing).
He needs to improve and not make too many mistakes if he wants to become the next John Hughes.
So my advice to you is... instead of spending ten dollars on watching this movie, spend it on renting Ferris Bueller's day off and Juno.
Trust me...its more worth it.

Best Quote
Murphey Bivens: I'll see you in the sequel, bitch!

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He has only done 3 movies.

Movie Review of Vantage Point

Vantage Point - 6/10
Directed by Pete Travis
Cast - Dennis Quaid, Matthew Fox, Forest Whitaker, Sigourney Weaver, William Hurt

Plot Summary
Assassination of the US President told from different perspectives.

Despite a good cast, I somehow felt that some of the actors were under utilized. Sigourney Weaver appears for about ten minutes of the movie and it's like she was just on as guest appearance. I dunno why Forest Whitaker was in it, in the first place cos for his role, anyone could have acted. Actors like Sigourney, Whitaker were under utilized as well. Movie has a good plot, using different perspectives and all. Camera works and the editing wasn't really good. Script wise, it was not bad but it was not great either.
Not worth watching on a weekend or a weekday. Just wait for the dvd to rent it.

Best Quote
Suarez: The beauty of American arrogance is that they cannot imagine a world in which they are not a step ahead.

Recommended movies by the director
nothing much..mostly did tv movies