Thursday, 11 August 2011

Movie review of Cowboys and Aliens

Cowboys and Aliens - 4.5/10
Directed by Jon Favereau Cast - Daniel Craig,Harrison Ford,Olivia Wilde,Sam Rockwell

Plot Summary
A spaceship arrives in Arizona, 1873, to take over the Earth, starting with the Wild West region. A posse of cowboys and natives are all that stand in their way.

I really thought this movie could be fun to watch especially with a simple title like cowboys and aliens.I got to admit,it is a pretty interesting idea and it would have been a pretty interesting movie had it not been for laziness.The director and script writers just got lazy.Plain and simple.There were so many plot holes to a point it just got fucking silly.I really hate it when I watch a movie with a good start and it ends like fuck.The good thing is the fault is not with the actors as they have done a pretty decent job.Harrison Ford is getting really old...and he looks really old...but he did alright.Daniel Craig somehow hid his British accent by talking as little as possible and was damn cool as usual.The James Bond in him hasn't left yet.ha ha.I was surprised to see Paul Dano at the start of the movie.The way he acted was like doing some leftover bits he had in "There will be blood".Sadly you wont get to see him much after that.
Somewhere down the middle is when the director and the scriptwriters got lazy.I know its supposed to be a "leave your brains at home and just enjoy the action" kinda movie but sometimes a little closure would be nice.We wont really know the full extent on why the aliens are here.They are taking a certain material but for what,we wouldn't know.Humans to them are minuscule but they still keep hostages and shit.OK..well to learn shit from us,EVEN though they underestimate us and think we are "insects".By the way,designers for the alien said they wanted something between Alien and Predator but the alien just looked like a fucking tortoise or a terrapin.Oh it has another pair of softer hands to touch little boys as well.And then you have Olivia Wilde's character,Ella coming in, saying shit,getting killed,being burnt,coming back to life and saying shit again. I got really weird when she who could have been a he but a definite it, kissed Daniel Craig.
Then the Apache Indians and Daniel Craig's old gang comes into the foray. How he found them(the gang) a second time out of sheer luck annoyed me.
But the thing that pissed the fuck out of me the most was this fucking bird/insect thing that kept flying to Daniel Craig's face twice in the movie.WHAT THE FUCK was that all about? What was that supposed to be?? Tinkerbell's mother??

Like I said,Cowboys and Aliens did have a good start but started getting sloppy and to a certain point stupid. Definitely not worth watching on a weekend.Wait for the DVD release.

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Best Quotes
Ella: If it's all the same, I would like to ride along too.
Meacham: Yes, ma'am. We've got a kid, a dog, why not a woman?

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Movie review of Horrible Bosses

Horrible Bosses - 7.5/10
Directed by Seth Gordon
Cast - Jason Bateman,Charlie Day,Jason Sudeikis,Kevin Spacey,Colin Farrell,Jennifer Anniston

Plot Summary
Three friends conspire to murder their awful bosses when they realize they are standing in the way of their happiness.

Never watch this movie with a hangover or lack of sleep because you will be laughing so hard and continuously till you really feel even worse when the movie ends.Unfortunately for me,I did watch this movie with a bad hangover and "suffered".
I got to say,this is a pretty interesting cast. it was pretty clear,everyone was having a good time doing this movie from the blooper reel at the credits.And the good thing about this movie is the chemistry everyone has no matter how big or small the roles were. I usually hate watching Jennifer Anniston's movie cause its always about love and she is always acting like a goody two shoe who doesn't swear or shit like that.In Horrible Bosses however,she swears like a motherfucker and shows off her body quite abit.Kevin Spacey was perfect for this role. He really showed how much of an asshole,how ruthless or even untrustworthy a person can be.I loved how he reacts when he gets a surprise birthday party.that shot alone was vintage Spacey.Colin Farrell was fucking hilarious in his role as a coked up son of a business man who happens to be Donald Sutherland.Even though I think some of his scenes were cut by the whores of the censorship board,Farrell's scenes were funny.In fact just by looking at the fella,you are bound to laugh.He really does remind me of Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder.
The three main actors,Bateman,Day and Sudeikis were definitely perfect in their roles.Some people may find Charlie Day as alittle annoying perhaps cause of his voice but I think he was hilarious especially the scene where he was singing in the car. I was laughing so hard even till the scene was over.I probably think Sudeikis has done the most improv in the movie cause some of the shit he says is just fucking funny.Bateman has always been funny ever since Arrested Development (which happens to be my favourite comedy) and I will continue watching his movies.
Even the cameos by Jamie Foxx and Loan Gruffudd(Mr Fantastic) were fucking hilarious.
Script was fantastic and direction was pretty good as well.I did like the flow of the movie despite the abrupt cuts made by the whores.

Its a really funny movie,but if you are the type who gets offended by vulgarities...fuck off. Worth watching this movie on a weekend.

Best quotes

Bobby Pellitt: I'm a green belt, motherfucker!

Dave Harken: You can't win a marathon without putting some bandaids on your nipples!

Kurt Buckman: [after seeing a picture of Harken's Wife] I'd like to bend her over a barrel and show her the fifty states.

Detective Hagan: You wanna explain why you were speeding?
Nick Hendricks: I was drag racing.
Detective Hagan: In a Prius?
Nick Hendricks: I don't win a lot.

Dale Arbus: Why did you put his entire bathroom in your ass?

Monday, 1 August 2011

Movie review of Transformers 3 Dark of the moon

Transformers 3 Dark of the moon - 3/10
Directed by Michael Bay
Cast - Shia Lebouf,Rosie Huntington Whiteley,John Tuturro,Tyrese Gibson

Plot Summary
The Autobots learn of a Cybertronian spacecraft hidden on the Moon, and race against the Decepticons to reach it and to learn its secrets.

I watched this movie with zero expectation and yet still I was disappointed.And I had to watch this movie in 3D on a weekend some more.Ok,I knew what I was getting myself into,after watching Transformers 2.(Transformer heaven,really???).Megan Fox did the right thing and left this stupid franchise.And the new British actress who looks like a Steven Tyler looking transvestite.Half the fuck time,you can see shots of her being glorified.5 mins of that should be enough but every 5 fucking mins is just way too much.And who the fuck is she to call Megatron a bitch? Sadly Megatron was a bitch in the end....sigh...Oh yea by the way..Megatron transforms to a Mad Max looking truck wears a rag on his fucking head so he will look moody and shit. Optimus on the other hand has all kinds of weapons upgrade and finally some use of the container and all.Ok, that I thought was pretty cool.But being the retard,Michael made him to be,he gets fucking entangled on some cables all by himself.That...not cool.
Ironhide had a cool intro but a rather Boba Fett death. Soundwave which happens to be my favourite Decepticon became a Mercedes car from a satellite.For some reason,Bumblebee still cant talk,(wasn't that fixed in part 2?) The new bad guys were Sentinel Prime and Shockwave.Shockwave mumbles when he talks and has some weird worm like shit with him that destroys buildings.I'm gonna say its his penis.
Shia Lebouf throughout the entire movie was a fucking annoying cunt. Half the fuck time,he is talking jibberish or shouting jibberish. Script was definitely used as toilet paper.
There were so many holes in the plot and so many unnecessary scenes in this example, John Malkovich.
The whole building and the parachute jumpers scenes are the only parts of the movie I enjoyed.The chase scenes was familiar because there are some shots taken from another Bay movie called The Island.

I sincerely hope that whoever that is responsible for this,should discontinue this franchise.And Michael cheeBay should just stick to Bad Boys part 4,5,6 cause no one watches Martin Lawrence.

Best Quotes
Megatron: All hail Megatron!

Lennox: What the hell was that?
Optimus Prime: That, is Shockwave.

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Movie review of Captain America

Captain America - 8/10
Directed by Joe Johnston
Cast - Chris Evans,Tommy Lee Jones,Hugo Weaving, Hayley Atwell,Stanley Tucci

Plot Summary
After being deemed unfit for military service, Steve Rogers volunteers for a top secret research project that turns him into Captain America, a superhero dedicated to defending America's ideals.

Definitely one of the better super hero movies done recently.Good story,good acting and followed closed to the comics as well. I thoroughly enjoyed myself watching Captain America.
I was initially alittle apprehensive about Chris Evans as the main actor.I liked him as the human torch and all but as the first avenger,I thought he would be alittle too fumy for it.But he did a great job.I liked the casting for this movie,it was just nice.Tommy Lee Jones was perfect for the role as Colonel.He had some pretty funny lines which did made the whole cinema laugh. I was most impressed with was none other than Hugo Weaving.The man was born to act as iconic villains.From his accent,to his haircut to his costumes and all.He was perfect as Red Skull. Heil Hydra! hahaha.Ok the salute was alittle silly.
Direction was pretty good and I loved the flow of the movie as well.And for once the plot stayed true to the comics. I just wished there was more scenes with Red Skull pitting against Captain America though.Perhaps maybe Loki brings him back in the upcoming Avengers movie? who knows eh.

All in all,Captain America was good and fun to watch.Worth watching on a weekend.Don't bother with the 3D though.

Best Quotes
Steve Rogers: [after being injected in the arm] That wasn't so bad.
Abraham Erskine: That was the penicillin.

[Schmidt and Zola go to the rooftop, where a one-man escape helicopter is waiting]
Dr. Arnim Zola: But, where will I sit?
Johann Schmidt: [hands the key to his car to Zola] Not one scratch, Doctor.

Nick Fury: Sorry about that. I was trying to break it to you slowly.
Steve Rogers: Break what?
Nick Fury: You've been asleep for almost 70 years.
[Steve is silent with shock]
Nick Fury: You alright?
Steve Rogers: Yeah. It's just... I had a date.

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