Monday, January 16, 2017

Movie review of Underworld: Blood wars

Underworld: Blood wars - 3/10

This movie shouldn't have been made in the first place. Absolute shit. There is nothing in this movie that is remotely as good as the first three movies at least. The only good thing about Underworld is that Kate Beckinsale still looks great in leather and that's all.

The whole plot is so boring and predictable. Vampires are stubborn twats and werewolves are idiots. And the explanation of Mr half vampire half werewolf who is the father to Selena's weird child aka Scott's disappearance was just plain lazy.

Then you have a vampire clan who are in some place that is covered in snow and if you sort of learn their special move or join their clan, you get to have blonde hair or in Selena's case, blonde streaks in her hair. Of course she couldn't go fully blonde because she is a goth kind of vampire. Knn. Fuck this shit.

Don't bother with Underworld Blood wars if you don't want to ruin your day.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Movie review of The Girl with all the gifts

The girl with all the gifts - 7.5/10

I watched this movie without reading any synopsis and I was totally blown away. The girl with all the gifts is a fucking awesome movie. A fantastic and interesting take on a classic genre that has been rehashed over the years. To me, TGWATG is like a cross between 28 days later and Lord of the flies.

From the get go, I was saying to myself, "What the fuck is going on?" and I kept asking myself that at least 5 times throughout the movie. I really liked the direction of Colm McCarthy who has been directing TV series so far. The special effects in this movie is not great but that isn't the focus of the movie. The focus is more on the storytelling and acting.

Casting is good. You have Glenn Close who can be scary and a cheebye at times. Gemma Arterton was decent too. I have always enjoyed watching Paddy Considine and I expected nothing less from him in here as well. There is one scene which I would like to mention is the scene which Anamaria Marinca (Dr. Selkirk) and Glen Close are acting. It's one of my favourite scenes in TGWATG. Anamaria was fucking awesome in it. Sennia Nanua as Melanie, started kind of annoying to me at the start of the movie. But it was all part of the plot and I have to admit, as a kid, she acted brilliant and I would love to see future movies from her. A really good upcoming child actor.

Really worth watching it on a weekend when it's out in the cinemas. i will definitely get the Blu ray for this as well. I would highly recommend The girl with all the gifts to fans who love movies like 28 days later.