Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Movie review of Kong:Skull island

Kong:Skull island - 6.5/10

This was a surprisingly enjoyable movie. I loved how they made Kong look like he is one pissed off, battle hardened, lonely motherfucker. All the scenes he was in were brilliant, from start to end. And the fight scenes were exciting and edge of your seat kind of shit.

Mad props to the special effects and CGI team, they did a fantastic job. Jordan Vogt-Roberts is the director for Kong. I have not seen any of his works before but from what I checked, this is probably his biggest budget movie. Pretty good effort for Jordan Vogt-Roberts directing his first ever big budget movie. The editing was quite bad, there were some pretty obvious bad cuts.

Quite a star studded cast. Samuel L Jackson is always awesome playing a bad guy and I hope to see him in more bad guy roles. Tom Hiddleston was decent but the guy who stole the show for me was the ever versatile and funny actor, John C. Reilly. Despite a really shitty script, he managed to pull it off and made me laugh. I cant really say much for Brie Larson, cos there were not a lot of scenes of her acting. In fact there were more shots of her smiling than acting. Brie has a pleasant, genuine smile unlike Emma Stone whose smile makes her look like she is going to bite your fucking face off any moment. The rest of the cast were shit. Jason Mitchell and Corey Hawkins (aka Easy E and Dr Dre from Straight outta Compton) were totally let down by bad acting and an unfunny script.

Still not as bad as the MOST USELESS thing in Skull island, China actress, Jing Tian. I have no idea why the fuck is she in this movie and what she was supposed to be doing. You are in an island, everyone is looking like shit but you are looking like Pierce fucking Brosnan as James Bond. Make up still on, no sweat, hair not disheveled. That was pretty much Jing Tian's role. Even her lines were useless. "THEY TOLD US TO LEAVE AT DAWN. ITS DAWN" 
Knn what kind of fuckall line was that?

Despite the shit script and bad acting, Kong Skull island is still fun to watch especially if you are a fan of King Kong or monster movies. Worth watching on a weekend.

There is an end credit scene and its a good one.

Movie review of Logan

Logan - 7/10

James Mangold who directed this did a pretty good job. He made a gritty, more realistic super hero movie with not much CGI. To me, of all the X men movies, this is definitely one of the best. Because it's violent and rated R and we got to see a proper wolverine and proper wolverine kill scenes. Not that pussy ass shit we had in the early X men movies. His stand alone movies were all shit and the worst one was the X men movie directed by Brett Ratner.

I really liked the make up done for Logan. That battered up look, wolverine had and it kept getting worse through the course of the movie. Caliban's make up and costume was cool as well and I could barely recognize Stephen Merchant.

Acting was pretty decent especially Patrick Stewart who lost quite abit of weight for this and Dafne Keen. I'm not a big fan of Hugh Jackman but he did good for this. I may not have totally felt the final scene as much as everyone else. That scene to me could have done abit more with better acting, script and emotion. Still, Jackman did good for it, he's not a fantastic actor but I will give it for this.
That scene where she turns a cross to an X. That was a nice touch.

Worth watching on a weekend. Logan is a fitting end of an era for Hugh Jackman's Wolverine.

PS - There is no end credit scene, so you dont have to wait.