Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Movie Review of G.I Joe

G.I Joe - 4/10
Directed by Stephen Sommers
Cast - Channing Tatum, Marlon Wayans,Dennis Quaid,Sienna Miller,Joseph Gordan Levitt

Plot Summary
An elite military unit comprised of special operatives known as G.I. Joe, operating out of The Pit, takes on an evil organization led by a notorious arms dealer.

I went to watch this movie in the cinema with zero expectations,because after watching the trailers and reading bad reviews about G.I Joe,I knew this movie wasn't gonna do well and probably has a high tendency to get me annoyed but surprisingly it didn't.Well for one,I;m not a huge G.I Joe fan either and maybe that has made me enjoy the movie.I do not know much about most of the characters except for Snake Eyes and the Cobra Commander.Casting for each characters were interesting.Channing Tatum is an actor whose movies I have not seen...movies like step up 1 and step up 2..fuck that.But he does pretty well as Duke in G.I Joe.I'm interested to see what are his future movie projects will be.Marlon Wayans as Ripcord was alittle odd cos Ripcord was a white guy in the comics(or so I have been told) and like all typical big budgeted Hollywood movies,the black guy is the comedian and watching Marlon Wayans say (supposed)funny lines without and crude vulgarity isn't something for me..Sigh I miss In Living Colours...but at least he has a good bod.Sienna Miller is an actress which I'm not really big fan of..To me she's just like Jennier Aniston but only British...pretty but cant act and always whines about ex boyfriends..Fuck that.Ray Park as Snake Eyes was brilliant and so was Byung-Hun Lee as Storm Shadow.Joseph Levitt as the Cobra Commander was a cool choice as Levitt has grown from the kid in 3rd Rock from the Sun to many indie flicks.I've always preferred the original whiny voice(same guy who voiced Starscream in Transformers cartoon) of the Cobra Commander in the cartoons to the movie.But kudos to Levitt for bringing his own style to it.The Mask sucks ass by the way.I was very disappointed with that.It looks like an asphyxiating headgear.

The storyline was pretty decent.Even though the special effects were not exactly top notch,but I liked the Eiffel Tower scene the most.Editing was not bad but could have done better.Cinematography and camera works weren't great but watchable.The fight scenes between Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow were good and the whole car chase scene was exciting.
All in all if you watch this movie with low or zero expectations,you will be entertained.

Watch on a weekday if not wait for the DVD.

Best Quotes
Duke: [after crashing into cars while running in the accelerator suits] Okay, that was crazy... What happened to you?

Ripcord: I went through the train. What happened to you?

Duke: I jumped over it.

Ripcord: [pause] You can do that?

Duke: I told you to read that manual.

Ripcord: There's a manual?

The Baroness: [Snake Eyes has left their car] He must have given up.

Storm Shadow: He never gives up.

Breaker: [about Snake Eyes] He doesn't talk.

Duke: Why?

Breaker: He doesn't say.

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-man- said...

kinda expected for it to be chock full of holes and it was. Some eye candy throw in. Fight scenes, heaps of action and there you go! recipe for a summer blockbuster.