Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Movie review of Justice League

Justice League - 5/10

They(Warner Bros) never seem to learn from their mistakes. Its not just only the same problems they had with Batman vs Superman, this time they got a whole new set of problems as well. One thing is for sure, WB just doesn't give a rat's ass about continuity. The number of obvious mistakes between BvS and JL is astounding. here's one. Why the fuck do you need to edit your film to a shorter time and then release the director's cut for. Cutting out at least 40 mins of footage is silly. There are bound to be obvious jump cuts and it disrupts the flow of the movie. There were a few times, I went "What the fuck is going on?" throughout the movie and some questionable scenes that made me go "Did that "really happen or When the fuck did that happen?'

And what's up with the special effects lah? Why the CGI until like that? The CGI villain, Steppenwolf reminded me of Beowulf the animated movie. I have no idea who he is. The only Steppenwolf, I know is the dude who sang, "Born to be wild" and I got that song from a movie with a gorilla who escapes the zoo with a teenager. Go figure.

When everyone had a hard time beating him but Superman comes in and punches the shit out him. Wow. Before I get into Superman, Steppenwolf's story was also explained a little too briefly and the whole thing with the mother boxes is confusing.

Superman. At the end of BvS, there is earth moving on his coffin which would surely mean he is coming back to life cos of the sun and all. But that suddenly changed into putting a mother box into that Luthor's alien ship and bringing him back to life. WHY? And then there was that ridiculous removal of his moustache using CGI which made him look abit like Stan from American Dad.

Batman. I felt Affleck did a decent job portraying as Batman in BvS. His Batman voice was more audible instead of Bale's death metal growl. Bruce Wayne was supposed to be old in this. Perhaps they should have made Affleck a little more older which would have been cooler. I also liked the fact that Danny Elfman did a little tribute by putting the old Batman theme and Superman theme in the music subtly.

Wonderwoman. Gal Gadot was good. Her stand alone movie was fantastic and her theme song kicked ass. This I'm not too sure but the sword she wields... wasn't that destroyed earlier?

Cyborg. I don't really know much about the comic character nor the actor, Ray Fisher but I would say he did a pretty decent job. What I loved more was his father who had an awesome death scene in Terminator 2(Dr. Miles Dyson). There was a scene where a bad guy(I can't remember what the fuck they were called) creeps up behind him and that really reminded me of T2.

Flash. His suit looked like a skinnier and white version of Shaquille O'Neal's superhero movie, Steel. But he is still way more better and funnier than the TV series Flash. That fucker was annoying and whiny.

Aquaman. Jason Momoa. That is one hot, good looking Hawaiian. Even though in some scenes he was confused as I was and I couldn't really hear what the fuck he was talking about. He may have totally fucked up the remake of Conan but I will still look forward to his stand alone movie.

All in all, Justice League was abit of a letdown due to horrible CGI and shit editing. I suggest just wait for the director's cut and watch it on a weekday. Not worth the weekend price ticket.