Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Movie review of A Good Day to Die Hard

A good day to die hard - 3/10
Directed by John Moore
Cast - Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney, Sebastian Koch

Plot Summary
John McClane travels to Russia to help out his seemingly wayward son, Jack, only to discover that Jack is a CIA operative working to prevent a nuclear-weapons heist, causing the father and son to team up against underworld forces.

I love the Die Hard series, every single one. I am a big fan of John McClane and I always watch the Die Hard series once a year. That's how much I love Die Hard. Now when I got to know they were making a fifth one and this time it involves his estranged son, I was excited. But when I saw the trailer, somehow it didn't convince or excite me in the least bit. And true enough after watching the movie,I was disgusted with A good day to die hard.
First I do not know who's bright idea it was (MDA or distributors) to censor this movie. This is by far the worst form of censorship I have seen. What are they trying to prove here. You censor out all the profanities and then use a word like "Cheap Pet" which Willis says to cover it? I cant believe I paid money to watch this.Fuck you very fucking much! you can cut out the profanities but leave kill scenes alone? are we living in fucking Iraq or the Soviet? this clearly shows how far up their asses they have been. You seriously think its ok for a child to see blood and exploding heads and shit but you must never ever say the word Fuck? Well... FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING FUCK AND GO FUCK YOURSELF! We, the paying audience are not imbeciles, the very fucking least you could do is at least open up one cinema with an uncensored cut and adults can watch it.
Its bad enough about the shitty cuts and to make it worse the movie doesn't really justify the Die Hard title. The only good thing about A good day to die hard was the car chase scene. That was well shot and the stunts were fantastic. All my 3 points goes to this scene. Other than that the whole movie was shit. What little of the script that can be heard, I'm pretty sure was written by a constipated monkey. The acting is horrendous. Jai Courtney who is McClane's son is fuckall and has zero fucking chemistry with Bruce Willis. Mr Bruce Willis, please stop ruining the Die Hard series instead go do Hudson Hawk 2 or something. You can clearly see that Bruce Willis was bored and just sort of tagged along in this movie.
Also the pathetic attempts of doing classic DIe Hard shots were very a bad way. Direction was absolute shit and John Moore should go fuck himself...Plain and simple. Editing was shit as well, the cuts were so fucking horrible and cringe worthy. I also suspect that the constipated monkey who wrote the script had a brother and that monkey was addicted to crack cocaine definitely must have been the cameraman. The zooming ins were all so sudden and irregular. And boy does he love zooming in. Every fuck thing also zoom in.

All in all I urge every Die Hard  and Bruce Willis fans in Singapore to avoid this movie at all cost. The censors fucked this already fucked up movie. Go download or rent the DVD when its out. Just do not give your hard earned money to these fucks who obviously doesn't care about avid movie fans like us.

The bastards even cut out Yippee Ki Yay......  Shame on them!

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Dan O. said...

Die Hard has certainly never been shy about going bigger with its sequels, but this time around the series really does feel like a shadow of its former self, with problems that people may have had with the last film. Solid review.