Monday, September 14, 2009

Movie Review of The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth - 1/10
Directed by Robert Luketic
Cast - Gerard Butler,Katherine Hiegl

Plot Summary
A romantically challenged morning show producer is reluctantly embroiled in a series of outrageous tests by her chauvinistic correspondent to prove his theories on relationships and help her find love. His clever ploys, however, lead to an unexpected result

By far,this is one of the worst romantic comedies for this year.Ugly Truth has SHIT written all over it.From a shit plot,to a shit script and worse...shit acting.What the fuck was Gerard Butler thinking????He has been doing so well right until now.Even PS,I Love You was good.It wasn't great but it wasn't shit like the Ugly Truth.My main beef with this movie is with a sellout cunt called Katherine Heigl.Now this cunt who is a regular in this TV series called Grey's Anatomy got her big break in movies when she acted in the Judd Apatow and friends movie called Knocked Up.Now Knocked up being a romantic comedy but it was alittle different from the usual romcoms I have seen.well for once,the guy isnt a fucking hunky dory looking fella.It was Seth Rogen.and Heigl was acting as his opposite.She did pretty well in her role,but once she got famous and all...she said she was humiliated and felt ashamed of doing such a chauvinistic movie(Knocked Up) which is insulting and degrades women.The bitch also mentioned she will never act in such movies ever.
Now the jokes between Ugly Truth and Knocked Up are miles apart.And to be honest I felt Ugly Truth's jokes were more insulting to women.Fuck all scenes like the vibrating underwear during dinner and the lame ass script that comes with Katherine fucking sellout "Charlize Theron" wannabe cunt.Maybe Gerard Butler thought it was Charlize Theron who was gonna act with him but turned out to be cunt who acts fuckall and looks like a fucking rotten Japanese pear,Katherine Heigl.Oh and don't even bother with Grey's Anatomy either.It sucks.

Besides the horrid acting,story and script,directing,cinematography and editing was average.This movie is really a waste of money,don't even bother watching it in the cinema even if a loved one forces you to.Guys,if a hot chick asks you to watch this movie with her,just slap her.She could be Katherine Heigl.Girls..if a guy asks you to watch this movie with him,slap him.He could be Katherine Heigl.

Best Quote
Abby Richter: My cat stepped on the remote.

Mike: Well, be sure to thank your pussy for me.

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