Monday, February 22, 2016

Movie review of Deadpool

Deadpool - 8.5/10

I was really looking forward to watching this movie ever since I found out they finally had the chance to do so. Got to give the credits to the writers who worked very hard to get this movie a green light from Fox and to make it R rated. Well done guys.
I've been a fan of Deadpool comics and always hoped to see him on a big screen. When I found out he was appearing in Wolverine Origin movie, I was excited. Then I watched the movie and it was one of the worst shit comic movies, I've ever seen. I was sorely disappointed. The only good thing that came out from that horror dump was the casting of Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds was perfect. And then they did really horrible things to his character which I'm not gonna bother cause Wolverine Origin was really painful to watch and remember.
To me, Deadpool is the best Marvel movie and I thoroughly enjoyed it. And if you are not a fan of the comic, I'm pretty sure you will still enjoy the movie. Some of my friends who aren't comic book readers enjoyed it alot. I have to say the main reason for this is the script and the soundtrack. The script was really funny and nostalgic. There are some jokes that only those in their thirties will get. There are so many movie and music references in Deadpool and you are bound to laugh at all of them.
I also enjoyed the soundtrack and the songs chosen were fantastic and perfect at their required scenes. They were so good that I was bopping my head to the music.
Tim Miller did a good job as the director. Not bad for a guy who's doing this for the first time for a major movie. I hope he gets to direct the sequel as well.

Deadpool is definitely my favourite movie of the month. I would love to watch it again on the big screen and I will definitely get this on Blu ray.

I highly recommend all of you to catch it with your loved ones. Just don't be an idiot and watch it with kids. And wait for the end credits. Definitely my favourite Marvel end credit scene.

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