Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Review of Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters - 4/10

I was really disappointed after watching Ghostbusters. To me, the classic was always great and doesn't
need a reboot but Hollywood being a cheebye had to do it and ruin yet another of my favorite childhood movies.

I'm ok with the whole gender swapped roles and all. The actresses all are very good comedians. McCarthy and Wiig are seasoned ones but somehow most of their jokes fell flat and the chemistry just doesnt seem to be there. Leslie Jones on the other hand was funny. She had at least 2 really funny scenes with great delivery. Kate Mckinnon was the worst of them all. All her jokes were not funny and her delivery was absolute shit. And she was supposed to be the "Egon Spengler" of the group. Rubbish.

I understand its all girl power being promoted for the movie which is cool but come on.... Do you really need to make Chris Hemsworth's character as a complete idiot? What is the point? It doesn't make any fucking sense. All of Hemsworth's scenes were stupid, unnecessary and not funny at all. In the original, the receptionist wasn't an idiot. I didn't get that plot at all.

Script was boring. I only found 2 scenes funny and they were all Leslie Jones. If they did ad lib for some of the scenes, it was boring as well.

The only good thing about Ghostbusters is, I got to see all the original cast in cameos except for Rick Moranis( who has retired). That was the only saving grace for this movie.

Ghostbusters 2016 is easily forgettable. Just wait for cable. Or if you really wanna good laugh, just watch the original.

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