Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Movie review of Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond - 6/10

Star Trek Beyond was surprisingly good. I am not a trekkie but I did enjoy the first Star Trek directed by JJ Abrams. The second one to me was visually good but I didn't enjoy the story one bit. And it focused on the two main characters, Kirk and Spock a little too much.

Star Trek Beyond on the other hand focused more on the other characters which made it more fun to watch. The chemistry between Spock and Bones was funny and the other pair up, Scotty and Jaylah was good as well. I was surprised to know that Simon Pegg wrote this and I have to say he did a pretty good job. However, his Scottish accent was just too exaggerated and sounded fake at times. Still, kudos to Pegg. The villain, Krall portrayed by the wonderful Idris Elba was a delight to watch. He should really do more villainous characters cause of his voice and acting. He was fucking brilliant in Jungle Book.

Justin Liu, director of some of the Fast and Furious franchise directed Star Trek Beyond and I have to say he can add sci fi action movies to his repertoire. He did a good job on this. The one thing I found annoying and I did not like was the camera works. The whole revolving camera bit was just done too many times.
Other than that Star Trek Beyond was enjoyable and fun to watch in the cinemas.

Worth watching in the cinema if it is still running if not get the DVD or Blu ray.

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