Thursday, August 11, 2016

Movie review of Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne - 7/10

The return of Jason Bourne. I've enjoyed watching all three Bourne movies which Matt Damon acted. The one with Jeremy Renner was shit. This is also directed by Paul Greengrass which is fantastic because I have to say Doug Liman did a great job for the first Bourne movie, Paul Greengrass took over and totally upped the action sequences. The way the fight scenes were filmed was beautiful. Not to forget the car or motorcycle scenes are done in such a way that the viewer will feel that he is part of scene as well. Also Bourne movies have really brilliant editing and Jason Bourne is no different from the first three. It has really good action sequences, fight choreography and it has been edited very well.

Casting for Jason Bourne has been interesting. Tommy Lee Jones looks really old and I cant stop looking at his eye bags whenever there is a close up of him but despite his age, Jones does a good job. Vincent Cassel is another actor, I haven't seen in a while and he definitely is one of my favourite "assets" among the Bourne series.

There are some incredible scenes to look out for. The riot scene was shot very well. The car chase in Las Vegas as well. The last fight scene is shot with minimal lighting and I was blown away by that. 

Brilliant movie, plot is a little forgettable but still definitely worth watching in the cinema or getting the Blu ray.

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