Monday, August 1, 2011

Movie review of Transformers 3 Dark of the moon

Transformers 3 Dark of the moon - 3/10
Directed by Michael Bay
Cast - Shia Lebouf,Rosie Huntington Whiteley,John Tuturro,Tyrese Gibson

Plot Summary
The Autobots learn of a Cybertronian spacecraft hidden on the Moon, and race against the Decepticons to reach it and to learn its secrets.

I watched this movie with zero expectation and yet still I was disappointed.And I had to watch this movie in 3D on a weekend some more.Ok,I knew what I was getting myself into,after watching Transformers 2.(Transformer heaven,really???).Megan Fox did the right thing and left this stupid franchise.And the new British actress who looks like a Steven Tyler looking transvestite.Half the fuck time,you can see shots of her being glorified.5 mins of that should be enough but every 5 fucking mins is just way too much.And who the fuck is she to call Megatron a bitch? Sadly Megatron was a bitch in the end....sigh...Oh yea by the way..Megatron transforms to a Mad Max looking truck wears a rag on his fucking head so he will look moody and shit. Optimus on the other hand has all kinds of weapons upgrade and finally some use of the container and all.Ok, that I thought was pretty cool.But being the retard,Michael made him to be,he gets fucking entangled on some cables all by himself.That...not cool.
Ironhide had a cool intro but a rather Boba Fett death. Soundwave which happens to be my favourite Decepticon became a Mercedes car from a satellite.For some reason,Bumblebee still cant talk,(wasn't that fixed in part 2?) The new bad guys were Sentinel Prime and Shockwave.Shockwave mumbles when he talks and has some weird worm like shit with him that destroys buildings.I'm gonna say its his penis.
Shia Lebouf throughout the entire movie was a fucking annoying cunt. Half the fuck time,he is talking jibberish or shouting jibberish. Script was definitely used as toilet paper.
There were so many holes in the plot and so many unnecessary scenes in this example, John Malkovich.
The whole building and the parachute jumpers scenes are the only parts of the movie I enjoyed.The chase scenes was familiar because there are some shots taken from another Bay movie called The Island.

I sincerely hope that whoever that is responsible for this,should discontinue this franchise.And Michael cheeBay should just stick to Bad Boys part 4,5,6 cause no one watches Martin Lawrence.

Best Quotes
Megatron: All hail Megatron!

Lennox: What the hell was that?
Optimus Prime: That, is Shockwave.

Recommended movies done by the director
Bad Boys
The Rock

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