Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Movie review of Horrible Bosses

Horrible Bosses - 7.5/10
Directed by Seth Gordon
Cast - Jason Bateman,Charlie Day,Jason Sudeikis,Kevin Spacey,Colin Farrell,Jennifer Anniston

Plot Summary
Three friends conspire to murder their awful bosses when they realize they are standing in the way of their happiness.

Never watch this movie with a hangover or lack of sleep because you will be laughing so hard and continuously till you really feel even worse when the movie ends.Unfortunately for me,I did watch this movie with a bad hangover and "suffered".
I got to say,this is a pretty interesting cast. it was pretty clear,everyone was having a good time doing this movie from the blooper reel at the credits.And the good thing about this movie is the chemistry everyone has no matter how big or small the roles were. I usually hate watching Jennifer Anniston's movie cause its always about love and she is always acting like a goody two shoe who doesn't swear or shit like that.In Horrible Bosses however,she swears like a motherfucker and shows off her body quite abit.Kevin Spacey was perfect for this role. He really showed how much of an asshole,how ruthless or even untrustworthy a person can be.I loved how he reacts when he gets a surprise birthday party.that shot alone was vintage Spacey.Colin Farrell was fucking hilarious in his role as a coked up son of a business man who happens to be Donald Sutherland.Even though I think some of his scenes were cut by the whores of the censorship board,Farrell's scenes were funny.In fact just by looking at the fella,you are bound to laugh.He really does remind me of Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder.
The three main actors,Bateman,Day and Sudeikis were definitely perfect in their roles.Some people may find Charlie Day as alittle annoying perhaps cause of his voice but I think he was hilarious especially the scene where he was singing in the car. I was laughing so hard even till the scene was over.I probably think Sudeikis has done the most improv in the movie cause some of the shit he says is just fucking funny.Bateman has always been funny ever since Arrested Development (which happens to be my favourite comedy) and I will continue watching his movies.
Even the cameos by Jamie Foxx and Loan Gruffudd(Mr Fantastic) were fucking hilarious.
Script was fantastic and direction was pretty good as well.I did like the flow of the movie despite the abrupt cuts made by the whores.

Its a really funny movie,but if you are the type who gets offended by vulgarities...fuck off. Worth watching this movie on a weekend.

Best quotes

Bobby Pellitt: I'm a green belt, motherfucker!

Dave Harken: You can't win a marathon without putting some bandaids on your nipples!

Kurt Buckman: [after seeing a picture of Harken's Wife] I'd like to bend her over a barrel and show her the fifty states.

Detective Hagan: You wanna explain why you were speeding?
Nick Hendricks: I was drag racing.
Detective Hagan: In a Prius?
Nick Hendricks: I don't win a lot.

Dale Arbus: Why did you put his entire bathroom in your ass?

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