Thursday, May 19, 2011

Movie review of Priest

Priest - 2/10
Directed by Scott Charles Stewart
Cast - Paul Bettany,Maggie Q,Karl Urban,Christopher Plummer

Plot Summary
A priest disobeys church law to track down the vampires who kidnapped his niece.

I was looking forward to this movie,a friend of mine told me it was crap so I decided to watch it at home instead.I was tempted by the trailer and I did enjoy Bettany's acting until now.Priest is definitely up there in one of the top worst movies for this year.The acting was horrendous.Why oh why did Paul Bettany take up this movie? what did Scott Charles Stewart do to get Bettany to be in his second movie.This is the fucker who did Legion.At least Legion was bearable,it had a good start but fucked up in the end.But Priest was fuckall from the get go.Definitely one of the worst introduction of characters or story ever.And the ending is so fucking abrupt,I was like,"what the fuck? That's it??"
I knew Karl Urban would make a good bad guy but he choose the wrong movie to be one.A priest turned vampire who wears a fucking worn out cowboy hat.Really??? Wow...
Maggie Q,well.. she was pretty much acting like how she has acted in her other movies,just another pretty face with no substance but just legs.
I'm also pretty sure the script was written by some who is mildly retarded.What kinda lanjiao lines are these? Priest: You make a good priest. Guy:Thanks. Priest:don't get that over your head. What The fuck was that????
I sincerely hope Jennifer Connelly(Paul Bettany's wife) would slap some fucking sense into this idiot so he would stop choosing shit movies like Priest.And fuck you Scott Charles Stewart for possibly ruining Bettany's career and wasting my fucking time and bandwidth for this shit.

Do not even bother with this shit movie. Go watch Paul instead. Fuck the Priest.

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