Monday, February 21, 2011

Movie review of The Rite

The Rite - 4/10
Directed by Michael Hafstrom
Cast - Anthony Hopkins,Colin O'Donaghue, Alice Braga,Rutger Hauer

Plot Summary
An American priest travels to Italy to study at an exorcism school.

I am a big fan of William Peter Blatty's The Exorcist.It is still to me,my favourite horror movie.Not many movies based on exorcisms have been remotely close to The Exorcist.The sequels and prequels were pretty much rubbish except for The Exorcist 3 which I found more of a mind fuck movie than a horror one.The exorcism of Emily Rose was good.So when I first saw the trailer for the Rite,I thought maybe this could be good as well.I mean what can possibly go wrong? you have Sir Anthony Hopkins and demons.Should be fun.
Sadly,what could have been a potentially good movie was ruined by quite a few things.
Casting for this movie was pretty bad.Besides veterans like Rutger Hauer and Anthony Hopkins,the newer actors were shit.Colin O'Donaghue was totally fuck all.They should have gotten a much more versatile actor than a Keanu Reeves worshipper.He has a really stupid quizzical look on his fuck face whenever something happens.It gets really annoying after awhile.The fucking cats acted better than him.Alice Braga is in this movie just to look pretty.That's about it cause the rest of the women in this movie are either psychotic or possessed and they look terrible.Marta Gastini was good.She had the "crazy,evil,I'm gonna shove a cross in my vagina" look and the "innocent,I'm not a girl not yet a woman" look.Too bad she had little screen time.
Anthony Hopkins' character Father Lucas tells Colin O'Donaghue's character Michael Kovak that exorcisms aren't about head spins and pea soup(which is a nod to Exorcist).But through out the movie,there are so many scenes that are littered with the Exorcist.You tell the audience that this move is not gonna be anything like The Exorcist but you film scenes,say out lines which are pretty much Exorcist material.That is fucked up.
The script was pretty good,especially the confrontation between Father Lucas and Michael Kovak.To me that was the best part of the movie. And Anthony Hopkins threatening in a Welsh accent.Very freaky.
The Rite could really have done without the special effects and most importantly the fucked up sampled demonic voices.I loved the lines but I fucking hated how it sounded.Hopkins was terrifying in Silence of the lambs and there was no effects on his voice so why do you have to add it for this movie?And with the silly effects on his voice,he did not sound scary at all.He sounded ridiculous.The special effects on Hopkins' face made him look like a leopard more than a demon.Why do we need these kinda cheap shit to get the message across?The Rite could have had a better psychological effect if it were made and directed in a simple manner.All this movie needed was good acting which Hopkins can definitely pull it off.
There was one scene,I was laughing my ass off.Michael Kovak was trying to exorcise father Lucas with a very small cross.The cross was so small,you could shit it out with ease.

Don't even bother paying to watch.And to make this movie even worse.The character,Micheal Kovak is real and the idiot is staying in America or some shit.Fuck this lanjiao pro religion turd of a movie.

Father Lucas Trevant: Michael - close the door. We don't want to be disturbed, do we.

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