Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Movie Review of Ip Man 2

Ip Man 2 - 7/10
Directed by Wilson Yip
Cast - Donnie Yen,Sammo Hung,Simon Yam,

Plot Summary
Centering on Ip Man's migration to Hong Kong in 1949 as he attempts to propagate his discipline of Wing Chun martial arts.

I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed watching the first Ip Man movie.Donnie Yen did a fantastic portrayal of Ip Man. and when I learnt that there was a sequel,I couldn't wait to watch it.Directed by the same guy who did the first one.WIlson Yip did not disappoint in directing the sequel as well.In addition,another legendary kungfu actor Sammo Hung join in the cast.He is also the action director.Now for a fat guy,Sammo Hung can move! and he pretty much stole the scene whenever he was onscreen.He also stole Donnie Yen's thunder when they had scenes together.Even though the acting was not so spectacular,but these kinda movies,it's the action sequences and the fight scenes which are important instead.
2 characters which I think were redundant and shouldnt even be in the sequel were Simon Yam's and that north Chinese guy who got his ass beat by Ip man with a feather duster in the first movie.
Editing and cinematography were pretty ok as well.The fight choreography and action sequences on the other hand was simply amazing.I really got to give it to Sammo Hung for his direction in the action sequences.they were beautifully done.

All in all it is a fun movie to watch and its pretty worth it to watch on a weekend.And yea there is a special treat for Bruce Lee fans.

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hellboy said...

what can i say. Fight movie. loved the fight scenes. story itself was pretty crap. hey i loved the part where the angmoh got beat. i was clapping and cheering in teh theatres.. ahhahaha