Thursday, September 17, 2009

Movie Review of 9

9 - 7/10
Directed by Shane Acker
Cast - Elijah Wood,Jennifer Connelly,Christopher Plummer,Crispin Glover,John C.Reily

Plot Summary
A post-apocalyptic nightmare in which all of humanity is threatened.

After watching the trailer for this movie,I was really intrigued to watch it just for the visual effects and also for the interestingly weird,A la- Tim Burton kinda storyline as well.Also since Tim Burton himself is one of the producers(the other is Timur Bekmambetov of Wanted fame) of 9.I was all the more eager to watch this movie.
Shane Acker who was working in the visual effects department for Return of The King(LOTR) was fantastic as the director of 9.The movie was visually breathtaking and yet it does have the gloomy sort of feel to it,especially the background designs.I have to admit I was thoroughly awed by the visuals.
but the storyline and script was sadly abit of a letdown.With a very good cast of actors for voice overs,I felt the actors were not fully utilized.You have talented actors like Jennifer Connelly,John C. Reily,Christopher Plummer and Elijah Wood..ok maybe Elijah Wood when you can't really see him onscreen(Sin city) cause other than that he acts like Frodo fucking Baggins.
From the trailer,there seems to be alot of action sequences,but you don't really feel much of the action when you are watching the movie.But one thing is for sure,despite the gloomy backdrops,the 9 characters or "stichpunks" as they are called by Shane Acker are indeed very likeable and to a certain degree..cute too.My favourite are the silent twins 3 and 4 whose mode of communication is flickering lenses.
9 is written and directed by Shane Acker as a short film as first,but alas it does not have the same vibe as District 9 did.(D9 was also a short film(Alive in Joburg) at first.) As good as he is in the visual effects department,he isn't that good in directing but then again,this is his first big movie.I guess he still has room to grow.

I wouldn't really recommend you to watch 9 during the weekends unless you have nothing else to watch.Preferable just watch it during the weekdays.

Best Quotes
1: Sometimes fear is the appropriate response.

7: What happens next?
9: I'm not sure. But this world is ours now. It's what we make of it.

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hellboy said...

i really thought the story had potential but the end is definitely a let down. As usual, these type of stories are harder to end. Sometimes it's just better to let it 'hang'.

just my 2c