Thursday, December 27, 2007

Movie review of I am Legend

I am Legend - 4.5/10
Directed by Francis Lawrence

Plot Summary
A doctor finds a cure for cancer using a virus which help kills the cancer cells. She manages to cure about 10000 people but the virus will in turn make people become blood hungry zombies. One man by the name of Robert Neville (Will Smith), works on a cure for a few years finding the cure for this zombie virus, his blood is the key to this virus as he is immune to it. Based on the book of the same name.

The first 30mins of this movie was pretty cool. The plot and everything else went pretty well right until when I first saw the zombies. They looked like fuck! Shitty CGI for the zombies. Now I don't understand why use CGI when George a Romero (The Master of Zombie Genre) could use very good make up when he did his other zombie movies. The CGI zombies in my opinion was a waste of money which could have been spent on getting better writers and a director. The "I am Legend" reviews I have read so far says, the writers fucked up in everything that was in the original book. In other words, they "Hollywoodized" it. I have yet to read the book (which I intend to in the near future).
I also didn't like the ending which is kinda stupid. Robert Neville was supposed to be the last man on earth...Now where the fuck did the hispanic or Russian sounding chick and her fucking mute brother come from?
Editing and cinematography was pretty fine. The way they made a deserted New York was indeed very nice. Soundtrack was awesome cause it's BOB MARLEY (and's not cause of my hair)! The end credits is the redemption song which is a fucking great song by the way.
Acting wise, Will Smith did a pretty standard job. To me he is the black version of Tom Cruise. There are scenes which he tries to do the whole Tom Hanks in Cast Away thingy which was kinda annoying. This fucker has a really silly look when he cries, he really shouldn't cry in any of his movies. It's ridiculous but despite all that, I like watching Will Smith's movies and will continue doing so.
Don't watch this movie on a weekend. Watch it on a weekday and if you are really bored. Other than that wait for the dvd. There are another 2 versions of the book which have been done before. The last man on earth(1964) starring Vincent Price and Omega Man(1971) starring Charlton Heston.

Recommended movies by the director
Constantine (This has keanu reeves and fans of the comic book series. Hated it and Yes it is also "Hollywoodized" written all over it as well.Thats why!)

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