Thursday, January 17, 2019

Review of Green Book

Green Book - 8/10

A feel good movie which is kind of based on a true story. Directed by one of the Farrelly Brothers(Peter Farrelly). Yup the guys who did Dumb and Dumber and Something about Mary. The Green Book is something a little unexpected coming from the movies they usually do and it turned out to be a gem. 

Green Book is a wonderful story about friendship with two guys who are complete opposites and at a time where inter racial friendships are rare. Story is well paced and it made me research about the two guys portrayed by the ever wonderful Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali. Viggo as Tony Lip, an Italian who used to work as a bouncer and becomes a driver. Mahershala as Dr Don Shirley, a famous black pianist who plans to tour in the south. The chemistry between Mortensen and Ali is fantastic and it was always a joy watching them onscreen. Mortensen put on weight for this movie and not even halfway through the movie, I knew why he had to. Tony Lip loves to eat. That scene where you see how he eats pizza. That's how the real Tony ate it. it made me laugh so hard.

Green Book is definitely highly recommended and worth watching at the cinema on a weekend. After watching the movie, I did a quick research to find out who Tony Lip is. Boy was I surprised to find out who he was.

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