Monday, March 4, 2013

Movie review of Bekas

Bekas - 7/10
Directed by Karzan Kader
Cast - Zamand Taha, Sarwar Fazil

Plot Summary
This is a story about two homeless brothers (Zana, 7) and (Dana, 10) who live on the edge of survival.

I remember watching the trailer for Bekas while watching a movie in the cinema 2 months ago and I immediately told myself that I must watch this movie when its out. Last Saturday, when I found out that the cinemas were finally showing Bekas( limited timings and cinemas though), I quickly bought tickets to watch it.
I have to say Bekas which translates as Parentless in Kurdish is a touching movie with beautiful scenic shots and some very good acting. Within 5 minutes of the movie,you will be endeared to the  2 main characters, Zana and Dana. The boys are the main characters and they have fantastic chemistry with each other that you will believe that they really were brothers. Zana played by Zamand Taha is the scene stealer of Bekas. Every time he is onscreen,you will laugh and feel sad for his innocence. The shenanigans, the brothers do to get by and all are funny but at the same time you will feel pity for the plight they are in.
I liked the direction of Bekas and Karzan Kader definitely did a fine job writing it as well. I haven't seen any of his earlier works but I will look forward to his future projects. i liked the camera works even though some shots were kinda over used. There some really good shots of the boys showing their emotions and you can feel it. Editing was also pretty good. Captured the story well. I have to admit there were some flaws of the movie I did not like but that's just a very slight technical part of the movie.

For a small budgeted movie with a pretty small production crew, what I enjoyed most from Bekas is the acting, the story and the script.

Really worth watching this movie on a weekend with a loved one. Unfortunately, there are limited cinemas and show times available for Bekas, so watch it quick. Truly worth my cinema ticket.

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