Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Movie review of The Fighter

The Fighter - 7/10
Directed by David O Russell
Cast - Christian Bale,Mark Wahlberg,Amy Adams,Melissa

Plot Summary
A look at the early years of boxer "Irish" Micky Ward and his brother who helped train him before going pro in the mid 1980s.

I have always enjoyed watching sports based movies and especially if it is based on a true story.I have watched a few boxing movies and so far none of the ones I have watched sucked.The fighter did not disappoint me as well.I do not know much about boxing legends apart from the popular ones.but after watching this movie,I went to find out more about Mickey Ward.The things I have read and watched about Ward and his famous trilogy fights with Gatti was just inspiring.These 2 guys punched the shit out of each other but they have remained the best of friends and all don't get to see that nowadays amidst all the thrash talking and what not.Plus the shit he goes through with his family and his older brother did kinda tug my heart abit.
There are two actors who totally outshone in this movie.One of them is of course Christian Bale.Quite the method actor that he is..he lost weight to play the role of Dicky,a former boxer who is the brother of Micky Ward portrayed by Mark Wahlberg.Dicky is a character who continuously basks on his former glory and neglects his brother's training and is a cocaine addict as well.Bale plays this to perfection.He may seem to be overacting in the beginning but after you see the real Dicky Eklund during the credits,Bale did good.The other actor which I was amazed by was Melissa Leo.She plays the brothers' mother,Alice Eklund.Now the whole fucking family are a crazy bunch.Between Dicky and Micky,they have seven fucking sisters.I felt immense hatred for the mother and I was wishing her to fucking die a horrible death in this movie.That was how good her acting was.She was like all the most fucked up,conniving,thieving relatives you know combined into Alice Eklund.Kudos to Melissa Leo for a brilliant performance.I really hope she gets nominated and recognized for this.
Marky Mark did pretty ok.He also produced this as well.His acting is still a little mediocre and he has the same sad puppy look with a whiny voice but can do pull ups and sit ups at the same time(He actually does that).But I will give credit to him for this movie,he wasn't really that bad actually. haha. I really like Amy Adams and she has a fantastic crying look.whenever her eyes start to tear up,you can actually feel the emotion she portrays.And even though there was a totally unnecessary sex scene,where you can see Amy Adams in sexy undergarments with her pink nipples slightly protruding out.I think it was worth it.hahaha.
Direction for The Fighter was pretty good.I loved the editing.Using actual commentaries and colour treatment for the matches was nice.Even the boxing choreography was good.I love the last scene where you will see the two brothers in front of the camera.The beauty of this ending is it leaves the viewer to decide what kinda end,they prefer.A happy 'everything is ok' end or a somewhat happy 'you have to live with it' end.
For me, I preferred the later of course.

Worth watching on a weekend.Do check out Melissa Leo's and Christian Bale's acting.

Dickie Eklund: This is my younger brother.Taught him everything he knows
Dickie Eklund: I am still his trainer.

Dickie Eklund: ok,This is your time.I had my turn and I blew it.You don't have to.
Micky Ward: You want me to do what.

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Dannie said...

Love the movie!! Great acting by Bale as usual and Leo was awesome!!! and the sisters!!! hahaha - where did they find those thrashies?! btw - one of them is Conan O'brien's real sister!!! :)