Friday, December 24, 2010

Movie review of Facing Ali

Facing Ali - 7/10
Directed by Pete McCormack
Cast - Joe Frazier,George Foreman,Leon Spinks,Sir Henry Cooper,George Chuvalo

Plot Summary
The life and career of Muhammad Ali (1942- ) as seen chronologically in archival footage: Ali as a fighter, a personality, a political lightening rod, and a man. Boxers who fought him describe what led up to major fights and the matches themselves; they also offer personal revelations about their own lives and how fighting him changed their lives.

A very interesting documentary about the guys who fought with arguably the greatest boxer of the world,Mohd Ali.I loved the cinematography and there were some really fantastic shots which really expressed the emotions portrayed by the boxers.You can actually feel the emotion that boxers like George Chuvalo,Joe Frazier,Ken Norton and Ernie Terrell portrayed during their interviews.Kudos to the director and the director of photography for they did a great job for Facing Ali.This wasn't scripted but there were lots of classic lines said by the boxers.One of my favourites was Joe Frazier.The only thing that was missing were interviews by the man himself.But the boxers did a fantastic job telling about Ali.And there are some good archival footages about Ali as well.

Sadly Facing Ali is only shown in Cathay Picturehouse.I would recommend you to watch this documentary if you are a fan of boxing or Mohd Ali or if you wanna know more about Ali as well.

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