Monday, July 27, 2009

Movie Review of Ice Age 3

Ice Age 3 - 4/10
Directed by Carlos Saldanha
Cast - Ray Romano,John Leguiziamo,Denis Leary,Queen Latifah,Simon Pegg

Plot Summary
When Sid's attempt to adopt three dinosaur eggs gets him abducted by their real mother to an underground lost world, his friends attempt to rescue him.

I am a big fan of the first Ice Age.It is to me the most funniest animation cartoon I have watched.I simply loved the 3 main character's chemistry in the movie.In Ice Age 2 however,they started introducing new characters,it was interesting but it kinda got boring.In Ice Age 3,they just totally threw the plot away and just concentrated on the whole 3D ride which is an interesting and in thing now.The 3D prospect was good but in a movie you just need to have a decent plot at least.
Back to the movie,of all the three Ice Age movies,This has the best animation done.The chemistry between the 3 main charcters has been jaded alittle.Diego,in my opinion was kinda underutilized even Sid as well.Alot of screentime went to Scrat instead which I felt was for the kids.Don't get me wrong...I do like Scrat's character but halfway through the movie,I was beginning to get sick and tired of seeing Scrat.The new character by Simon Pegg had its moments.There are some jokes which were pretty funny and some which totally fall flat...

Overall I wouldn't really recommend anyone to watch this movie on a weekend unless you are a fan..if not just wait for the DVD.

Best Quote
Sid:[about the baby mammoth]
Sid: It's a boy!
Diego: That's a tail
Sid: It's a girl!

Manny: [Sid guards the three baby Tyrannosaurs from an adult] Sid! Give them to her! She's their mother!
Sid: How do I know she's their mother?
Manny: What do you want, a birth certificate? She's a *dinosaur*!

Recommended movies done by the director
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