Monday, April 13, 2009

Movie Review of Fanboys

Fanboys - 4.5/10
Directed by Kye Newman
Cast - Sam Huntington,Chris Marquette,Dan Fogler,Jay Baruchel

Plot Summary
"Star Wars" fans travel to Skywalker Ranch to steal an early copy of "Episode I: The Phantom Menace".

After watching the trailer,I really wanted to watch this movie.Well I am a Star Wars fan and this is a movie about Star Wars fans.From the trailer,there are lots of cameo appearances and all the parts did look funny.Unfortunately,the movie itself isn't good.All the funny parts are in the trailer and thats about it.
There are scenes which would make you feel nostalgic and all and especially when they do the classic Star Wars lines.Even the scene where you have the Star Wars fanboys go against the Star Trek fanboys.
The acting isn't really good.Some of the actors just dont look the part and does not convince me as being funny.
The direction is pretty bad and so is the cinematography.The biggest dissappointment is the editing.I feel the editing is what made the movie look very flat and mediocre.
All in all,I wouldnt recommend anyone to watch this movie at the cinema on a weekend.
Watch in on a weekday or just wait for the dvd so you can rent it out.

Best Quote
Hutch: Nobody calls Han Solo a bitch!

Recommended movies done by the directorNone

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