Monday, February 2, 2009

Movie Review of The Reader

The Reader - 8/10
Directed by Stephen Daldry
Cast - Kate Winslet, David Kross,Ralph Fiennes

Plot Summary
Post-WWII Germany: Nearly a decade after his affair with an older woman came to a mysterious end, law student Michael Burk re-encounters his former lover as she defends herself in a war-crime trial.

What a fantastic movie this is..Beautiful storytelling with really good,convincing acting.Kate Winslet is really good in this.Years ago if someone told me that Kate Winslet the fat cow from the shit movie Titanic,would be a fantastic actress,I wouldn't have believed it.And here she is.She has done quite a lot of good indie flicks since Titanic and I have nothing but awe and respect for her.She does indeed remind me of a young Meryl Streep.
The casting for this movie is good even when you have Winslet's acting overpowering the movie,the other actors,David Kross and Ralph Fiennes managed to hold out on their own.David Kross is a young German actor who had to learn English for this movie.As the story is based in Germany,all the actors are speaking English with German accents unlike the movie,Enemy at the Gates where you have British actors acting as Russians with British accents and American actors acting as Germans in American accents.Filming had to be halted for David Kross to turn 18 so that the love scenes can be shot.Ralph Fiennes who is really good in taking on depressed,tortured kind of roles does a good job in this as well.
Direction for this movie is really good.there is good flow despite the different time lines occurred.Daldry does a remarkable job in bring out an actor's prowess just like he did with his previous movie,The Hours.Luckily,The Reader is rated R21 so there was no shitty cuts.So its safe to say the editing department did a good job.I also like the camera works done for this film,as it manages to capture the emotions from the actors very well.

A definite worth to watch on a weekend.

Its gonna be a tough fight for the Best Actress Oscar between Kate Winslet(The Reader) and Meryl Streep(Doubt).I was initially rooting for Meryl Streep to win it but after watching Kate Winslet,I really hope she wins it.Go Kate!

Best Quotes
Hanna Schmitz: It doesn't matter what I think. It doesn't matter what I feel. The dead are still dead.

Young Ilana Mather: [Testifying in court] Each of the guards would choose a certain number of women. Hanna Schmitz chose differently.
Judge: In what way differently?
Young Ilana Mather: She had favourites. Girls, mostly young. We all remarked on it, she gave them food and places to sleep. In the evening, she asked them to join her. We all thought - well, you can imagine what we thought. Then we found out - she was making these women read aloud to her. They were reading to her. At first we thought this guard... this guard is more sensitive... she's more human... she's kinder. Often she chose the weak, the sick, she picked them out, she seemed to be protecting them almost. But then she dispatched them. Is that kinder?

Recommended movies by the director
The Hours
Billy Elliot

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