Sunday, August 20, 2017

Movie review of The Hitman's Bodyguard

The Hitman's Bodyguard - 5.5/10
If you feel like watching a movie without over thinking or you don't want to concentrate on the script and acting and what not. Plus if you are a fan of Samuel L Jackson's movies, then this movie is for you.
Mindless entertainment. Good action sequences and fight choreography. And shit loads of vulgarity.

The cast is pretty good. You got Ryan Reynolds and Sam Jackson doing the buddy thing. They got chemistry and there are some damn funny scenes and lines between them. Reynolds has that exasperated look which serves him well when he is against the always angry Jackson. Gary Oldman is always solid as a bad guy even though he had some weird make up on(which was fine until the close ups). I wished Salma Hayek had more scenes though. That beautiful woman is still smoking hot and  doesn't seem to age one bit. Elodie Yung wasn't good. Electra can't seem to act and appears stiff at times.

The plot is absolute shit and the script is pretty much a "best of Samuel L Jackson's classic one liners". You can spot lines from Die Hard 3 to Pulp Fiction. And the way the word "Motherfucker" rolls out of Sam Jackson's tongue, it's just too cool yet you can feel the hate. And I love saying "Motherfucker" in Sam Jackson's style.

If you can get pass the ridiculous story line, you will enjoy the Hitman's Bodyguard. Just watch it n a weekday.

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