Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Movie review of King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword - 5/10
All British cast and directed by Guy Ritchie. Should have been great but sadly it isn't. Guy Ritchie movies are very inconsistent. You have really good ones with fantastic script. You have some really shit ones, some with a shit script as well. And you have some that were "meh" and forgettable. Sadly his last movie falls into that category. 
Cast was a little weird for me. Jude Law was fantastic and he does portray a really good villain. Charlie Hunham on the other hand was OK but he had a really hard time with the accent. I really thought he was american putting on a fake English accent but it turns out, he was born in Newcastle, England, I remember watching his earlier movies like Green street hooligan which was a fantastic movie and he didn't have a problem with the English accent. In King Arthur however, it was terrible.
I hated the script and Guy Ritchie did the same trademark sequence which he does for most of his movies. I really didn't feel for the slang of today to be used during the timeline for King Arthur. It was just too off and not funny at all.

The only scene which made me laugh so hard was the cameo appearance by Beckham. From how he looks to how he speaks, it was just too funny and it will forever be made fun of.

All in all, King Arthur is a forgettable movie and not worth watching on a weekend. Just wait for cable.

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