Friday, February 3, 2017

Movie review of War on everyone

War on everyone - 6/10

I watched this movie just because of Michael Pena. To me, he stole every scene he was in Antman. And in War on Everyone, he pretty much did the same. This time however he has a partner in crime with him and that's Alexander Skarsgard. I have to admit, they are two unlikely actors to act together but they have good chemistry and that's what saves this movie.

The script is good even though somehow it feels like a pirated version of Shane Black's The Nice Guys but there are still some funny lines and well delivered by the actors. Even the supporting cast did a good job and were funny as well. And I could barely recognize Paul Reiser of Mad about you fame as the police chief. Dude is pretty old now.

Written and directed by John Michael McDonagh whose earlier movies I have not had the chance to catch but looking at his filmography, it is a good start.

Overall, War on everyone is a fun movie to watch. Nothing fantastic or even memorable, just fun to watch. maybe catching it on cable would suffice.

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