Saturday, December 31, 2016

Movie review of Passengers

Passengers - 6.5/10

I was pleasantly surprised watching this movie. The story line was interesting even though it had the Hollywood-esque romantic angle in it. Ending is a typical Hollywood end but still Passengers was fun to watch.
Director Morten Tyldum did a good job in this. I really liked his previous works, the Imitation Game and Headhunters.
Wonderful special effects especially the swimming pool scene, loved it.
Casting wise, I would say, Christ Pratt was good but the chemistry between him and Jennifer Lawrence felt a little stiff to me. Didn't quite liked how Jennifer Lawrence looked as well. Perhaps another actress would have been a better fit. Lawrence Fishburne had a brief scene and that's a good thing. Even shorter scene was a barely recognizable and old, Andy Garcia who didn't even have a line. But the actor who stole the movie for me is the unforgettable Michael Sheen. And that one reveal scene, he was in. Sheen was perfect for it. That scene alone is worth the ticket money for me. I was the only one laughing cause of that look he gave. Absolutely brilliant.

All in all, Passengers is a good romantic movie to watch with your other half and you wont fall asleep cause there isn't too much lovey dovey shit in it and there is enough action to keep you interested.
Worth watching on a weekend.

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