Friday, August 15, 2008

Movie Review of Red Cliff

Red Cliff - 4/10
Directed by John Woo
Cast - Tony Leung, Takeshi Kaneshiro,vicky zhao

Plot Summary
Based on the events during the Three Kingdoms period in Ancient China in which specifically told in the title, The Battle of Red Cliffs.

I'm actually beginning to get sick and tired of John Woo.He really has been dong shit movies(paycheck) recently.This movie will probably be enjoyed to those who are into the romance of the three kingdom history.for those who don't know shit will probably be wondering what the fuck is going on.
Lets start with the good parts.
The production for this movie is simply unbelievable.Using thousands of extras is an old school way of film making and kudos to John Woo for his vision on this.The costumes also really stand out.The battle scenes aren't really spectacular but rather interesting to say the least.And according to my friends,Red Cliff is pretty close to the book.
And now for the shit parts.
The casting is horse shit.As mush as I love Tony Leung's style of acting,he was absolutely rubbish in this.His acting was like as though the fella was bored and he was forced to do this shit.He totally doesn't not suit the character(Zhou Yu) he portrays.In fact I think he should be acting as Takeshi Kaneshiro's role,Zhuge Liang instead.And speaking of Takeshi Kaneshiro,this fella is just eye candy.He cant act for shit but he is hard working..just like Andy Lau.he was horrendous in warlords and he is horrendous in Red Cliff also.He has a stupid smile in this movie which irritates the hell out of me.
Vicky Zhao as Sun Shangxian can suck my shit and die.her retarded look is not fooling anyone.Every time she appears in a scene,I feel like impaling her with chopsticks.
The script is probably written by a retard(could be the cunt vicky zhao).Really awful dialogues which sometimes made me groan even though I am reading the subtitles.It surely must be more horrifying for those who understand Chinese.And what the fuck is with all the goddamn doves.I know it's John Woo's trademark but does he have to use the fucking doves all the fucking time???
Editing was rather so so.there were some scenes especially the battle scenes where it has been cut abruptly.
Cinematography and camera works were not bad.but there are some parts where the camera works were done in a rather exaggerated way and totally unnecessary also.
Red Cliff is just Part one.The second part will be shown in October if I'm not mistaken.Lets hope the second part will be way much better.if its not..then John Woo can go fuck his slow motion.

Best Quote
He started this war because of a woman?

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